Behind the Lens

I’m often asked, “What do I like to film or photograph?” and the answer is honestly “Almost Anything!”  I love being behind a camera and capturing precious moments. Whether it’s a short film, timelapses, landscapes, commercials, travel, nature, documentaries, real estate...I love it all!  Anytime I’m holding my camera, I’m happy and I love to show it.”


My name is Mike Peterson and I am a freelance photographer / videographer based in San Diego, CA.  I grew up in Minnesota, where I got the photo/video bug from my parents. My mother was the photographer and my dad took his old-school VHS camcorder everywhere we went to capture our home movies. I held their cameras every chance that I could.  I remember one Christmas when I was about 13 my dad told me I was already taking better movies than he could.


After graduating College I lived in Hawaii for 7 years, where I combined my two biggest passions (film and animals). I filmed and photographed people interacting with dolphins, creating memories that would last a lifetime for many families. My proudest moment while I was there was having the amazing, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to film a dolphin birth (this video has over 4 million views on Youtube). 


When I moved to San Diego 5 year ago, I went back to school for film at UCSD Extension where I continued my education on film and editing. Since then I have worked on various projects including “Film Indiego” which aired on KPBS, “The Sacred Plant, Season 2” a documentary about medical marijuana, have been nominated for Best Cinematography for a couple of short films including “Discontinuance” and “You Are Me”, and have worked and filmed the San Diego Film Awards the past 3 years.     


I am extremely professional, but love being a true kid at heart. I try to challenge myself to improve all the time on my photography / videography skills while having a fun and memorable time on any shoot.  I would love to help you create your dream vision come true.  If you have any questions or are interested in setting up a shoot, please contact me at:

Cell:  (612) 619 - 4932


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